the 12th apartment

the 12th apartment


I think I was the only roommate, of 7, that didn't cringe when we received our eviction notice via email. In fact, I think I laughed. I remember the moment perfectly. I was sitting at my desk listening a horrible mash-up of 5, already bad, overly mixed songs when the email came in. I saw a glimmer of action on my phone and being the over-caffeinated short attention spanned being I am, immediately investigated it further only to see it came from our apartments "management" company.

I knew there was talk about us losing the place and I knew that not everyone knew, but there are no secrets in a house of 7. There had been whispers and interrupted conversations ruling our extremely illegal SoHo loft all month and finally the night came where everyone knew. I was dealing with a lot of emotions that week - my life was falling apart and the "if we loose the apartment" conversation was the last one I wanted to have, but I was having it. First with 1 roommate, then 2, then 4. The five of us hashed it out, we shared our stories (which didn't all add up), our conversations, a threat and an apology I received ... I "broke" my contract by going up on the roof once ... but there was no consensus, no conclusion. So to see an eviction notice the VERY next day, was comedy. We had a month to find a new place, that new place would be my 13th apartment in 5 years...

No. 1 - the freshman year college dorm

Scottish Rite Dormitory, a great private mansion of a home. Seriously... my room was the size of a nickle. But the shared showers and bathrooms were nicer than the ones I had at home. There was a maid service and the amenities were incredible. I was living like a queen in a twin sized bed so close to my roommate we could hold hands while we slept.

No. 2 - the "temp" apartment

I stayed in Austin that first summer after the school year had ended because what else was I to do? Go back to Houston? No. Luckily my brother had a girlfriend and that girlfriend had an apartment with incredible roommates. I graciously accepted her offer for me to sublet her room and I had my very first apartment.

No. 3 - my actual 1st apartment

While the summer apartment was lovely, it was temporary. My vintage 2000 Ford Mustang hauled 3 trips worth of stuff 3 blocks north to my new permanent home. The next 10 months were spent with the sticky notes roommate - who was not passive aggressive, but simply "leaving notes for the both of us."

No. 4 - apartment #1 in Copenhagen

I'm abroad, thank god! but i'm deathly ill. I passed out upon first sight of this place. As I slept away my illness, I really grew to love apartment no. 4. It was a one room studio shared with one other. We had two beds, a kitchen, a dining room, and a surprising amount of breathing room. There was a ton of light and it was home, for the next 4 weeks.

No. 5 - apartment #2 in Copenhagen

I'd returned from backpacking and I'd been moved to a "studio." I wanted my old place back, but there was no space. Here I lived alone, I had a huge room, huge windows and my own bathroom. The kitchen and living room were shared at the end of the hallway. Unfortunately, I was on floor 6 and all the fun/ my friends lived on floor 4. This actually proved to be perfect to me regulating my study versus leisure life... because who decides to take Calculus online while studying abroad?

No. 6 - my studio apartment in Austin

I LOVED this place. My best friend lived just above me, so I wasn't really alone, but I had my own space. I could blast my music, do whatever I wanted. It was lovely and I loved myself here. I lasted the school year, 10 months.

No. 7 - my first "apartment" in NYC

It was an NYU freshman dorm, Rubin. The cheapest of the lot, no AC, one room and 3 girls. I was 21 living like an 18 year old, but I loved it. I finally had a place in NYC that was mine. A bed I could have day after day in the posh, Greenwich Village. I had 2 fans and a window that opened less than an inch, heaven. Stayed here for the summer, 3 months.

No. 8 - my "room" in Italy

I'm abroad, again. I arrived to this Italian town at nightfall, but was promised that my room had a gorgeous view. I took the bed by the window and went to sleep excited to see the surprise I had waiting for me in the morning. They didn't lie, the view was probably the best in the building, 4 months.

No. 9 - my last minute apartment in Austin

Assured that there would be PLENTY of places upon my return, I didn't start my apartment search in Austin until I got back to Texas. My luck there was a shocking shortage that year, HOW CONVENIENT. So I took to Facebook and had no luck. A friend of a friend of a friend heard I needed a place and offered me theirs. I moved in with 3 other girls and 2 cats, 4 months.

No. 10 - my next apartment in NYC

Another NYU dorm, this time Rubin was booked so I got Brittany - a more expensive air conditioned version of the former. I shared a room, but was too happy to be in the city to care. This lasted the summer, 3 months.

No. 11 - the in-between

Summer was over and the dorms needed to go to actual NYU students, and I had a weird 3 weeks of limbo. I had friend with an empty apartment and a full heart that let me temporarily crash there until my new place was available, September 1st. So my little air mattress and suitcases moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn .... 3 weeks.

No. 12 - the one where we got evicted

Here we are. I'm sitting in this apartment now writing this. I have a room with no windows and walls with no soundproofing. I'm paying $1400 a month to live with 6 other individuals. We have no gas, 2 bathrooms and a washer and dryer that do not work. This is New York City. This is SoHo. I'm getting evicted Nov. 30th, 3 months.

That's it, the story of 12 apartments. I'm not sure where I'll go December 1st, but that's another article.

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